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Welcome to Startup London!

At Startup London we believe that London, Ontario is the right place to start and grow a business. With world-class educational institutions, passionate community members, and the world at our doorstep, there are an abundance of reasons to start a business in London.


As a community group Startup London aims to foster entrepreneurship in the city through providing people with a singular source for startup news, events, resources, and a place to connect.

Meet our Team!

    What we do

    Startup Drinks
    Join us each month for casual drinks with no agenda except to meet other people within our community.
    Startup Weekend
    Learn by doing in an intensive 54-hour startup grind, while connecting with the entire startup community.
    Community Enterprise Partnership
    Bi-monthly meetups of startup support stakeholders and entrepreneurs increase community collaboration and to take action on community priorities.


    • Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network
      Startup London is an exciting addition to our community that will support entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs in navigating the  successes and challenges that come along with starting any new venture. Being part of the broader entrepreneurship movement across Canada will put London on the map and connect us to other startup communities. Integrating entrepreneurs of all types, whether profit-driven or socially focused, will allow for collaboration and innovation across fields, and will clearly illustrate the impact these entrepreneurs have on our community and economy.
    • Sean Quigley, Executive Director, Emerging Leaders
      Startups are the embodiment of creativity and talent coming together to develop new innovations that move us forward as a city. province, and country. This is one of the few ways we can diversify our local economies and support home grown talent. They are also a way for this talent to remain connected to and a part of our communities in a time when retention is critical to London's future.
    • Titus Ferguson, Executive Director, unLondon
      Connecting individuals, early stage companies, and more established startups will be a key component for London to develop into a hotbed of technical talent and success. Startup London has the focus and attention to turn the dreams of many into a reality on the ground. Supporting startups is a core piece of unLondon's mandate and being able to connect with a national initiative was a key piece of our decision to support Startup London.

    Our Partners

    • Biz Inc.
    • UnLondon
    • Emerging Leaders