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Young Professionals Group LondonAbout YPG


Young Professionals’ Group (YPG) is a non-profit organization of youthful, eclectic professionals in London, Ontario. With over 1,000 members!, YPG creates a vibrant community for young professionals through social networking. We strive to be the “social hub of London”.


YPG Membership is comprised of the driving economic force in London providing sharp skills, fresh ideas, and youthful energy to London’s wide industrial base.


YPG Events are open to anyone and are geared towards young professionals aged 20-35 interested in developing a social network in London with like-minded outgoing individuals.


At YPG we strive to provide a sense of community to young Londoners, enrich them with culture that will include entrepreneurial groups, philanthropy, arts, politics, sports and recreation, environmental issues and more. We create a social setting through various events to allow young professionals an opportunity to meet, network, and connect.

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